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Our meeting packages can be comfortable for those who want to be fully taken care of. We arrange drinks and breaks all day and serve a nice lunch. Need more time? Add a dinner to your meeting day to make it complete!

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Meeting Package

Our meeting package includes:

▪ Coffee or tea with some sweets

▪ During a break: smoothie or savory snack

▪ Water (optional: soda's)

▪ Extensive lunch from Restaurant Sophia

▪ Optional: dinner from Restaurant Sophia

We love to discuss the lunch and dinner options with you. We can serve this in the meeting room, our restaurant or at our terrace. Please keep in mind that 1,5 meter distance is neccessary.

The package price varies between €39,50 and €49,50 per person, depending on how long the meeting takes.

These prices are excluding room rent. This price varies from €200 and €800, depending on number of visitors, time and space needed.

We love to make you a personal offer.


Safety is our top priority. Not only for you, but for our team as well.

Looking specifically to meetings, the following important points we would like to stress out.

▪ TWe work with the basic rules, given by the Dutch government. This includes 1,5M distance, wearing face masks when walking through the building, regurarely washing our hands and staying at home whenever somesome has signs of Covid.

▪ We make sure that the rooms are cleaned. We will supply desinfection wipes and hand sanitizer in and around the meeting rooms.


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